Radiator/Grille: design fault

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Tom Higgins
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Hello, ID5 driver here, generally very happy indeed with the car.

In normal motorway driving, I pulled over due to low coolant warning. Coolant literally gushing out of the radiator.

VW roadside assistance very good- pointed to a hole in the radiator from a stone. I also saw a few other more minor dents in the radiator fins.

Most strikingly - this looked like it was bound to happen. The holes in the grille are huge & will do little or nothing to stop stones pinging up from the road.

The dealership told me they have seen other ID models with exactly the same issue.

The car is 6 months & 5,000 miles on the road. I’m facing a tussle with VW who currently state this is not covered by warranty and I’m liable. I disagree.

Keen to hear from:
-anyone with the same issue
-anyone prepared to look through their front grille with a torch and look for dints in the radiator (I have a hunch most cars will have them).

I’m putting the same post on ID4 & ID5 forums as I expect there may be common design features.

All the best, TH

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