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So so so many reasons why I regret getting one of these cars but that’s all for another post, latest issue is: I get free charging at work but have used most of the battery over the weekend, i still have enough miles to get to work but am just airing on the side of caution so would like to just stick 25-30% charge in it overnight. Am I missing something or is this yet another frustrating poor design fault by VW as it seems I can only reduce the charging slide bar to 50%. Yes I have a home EV charging box that’s all singing and dancing at a cost of just shy of a grand that I can set to charge to whatever % I want, when I want but no sooner do I plug it in to the car the car overides this and charges to what the car is set to.
Any assistance before I put a match to this pathetic excuse for a car would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks Russ

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Lower batter charge limit

A minimum charge level of between 0 and 50% can be set for the high-voltage battery in the profile of a stored charging location.

The vehicle starts charging immediately after power is connected and charges to a minimum range.

Only then are preferred charging times, off-peak times or a departure time for timer-controlled charging taken into consideration.

Open the Charging main menu in the Infotainment system.

Open the Charging loc. menu.

Move the touch slider (0-50%) to the desired value in the profile of the charging location.

To ensure the correct settings for the battery charge limits, Volkswagen recommends observing the instructions for battery care Battery capacity.
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