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Post by SteveC »

Hi all - I moved from a VW Tiguan to ID.5 this year and am really glad I made the move when I did. There is one aspect though that hasnt quite transferred from old to new vehicle and that's my Dashcam.

I have a NextBase 522 GW and it was connected via the front 12v socket in the centre console. I'm not sure if its the same in all variants but the only 12V socket I have is in the boot of the ID.5.

Aside from the fact that I dont have a cable long enough to travel from back to front where the camera is I wondered if anyone else had fitted a DashCam on their ID.5?

When I got in touch with NextBase their only solution was to get it hardwired into the vehicle (around £100+). Aside from the cost I was curious to know how much it would be taking from the battery in normal use and then in "parked mode"

Interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this.



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Post by Donboon »

Hi, I’ve just fitted the same dash cam to my ID 5 and it’s relatively straight forward.
The hardwire kit from Halfords is very expensive @ £25 for just a simple 5v charger but it does save a lot of messing around.
The plug fits neatly into the holder facing upwards so you can tuck it under the front edge of the roof lining.
It took me a while to get it started but I have a kit of plastic tools for interior car work that makes it easier.
Use the tool provided in the kit to carefully ease the lining down and using another soft implement to nurse the cable into the gap.
Move it gradually along to the pillar.
Push the cable over into the gap between pillar and screen and nurse it to bottom, trying to keep it tidy at the top corner.
You’ll then need to push it deep in between the joint at the bottom and bring it back towards the door.
You’ll find a short panel between the door rubber and side of dash/locket that simply pulls out (from the top down) and reveals behind the dash and locker
You can then poke all the spare wiring (I used a tie wrap) into that area.
Dropping the drawer of the locker is done by pushing up two lugs at top of cupboard (door open). The whole drawer should hinge down.
You can then access the fuse panel cover easier and it pulls off with some resistance.
Through the left of the open fuse panel you can access the two wires from the loom. Hands under the dash facia, cupboard etc and reach up.
You need to use the largest fuse connector which fits fuse number 52 (12v switched supply to socket)
It’s a yellow 20amp vertical fuse to the left of fuse 51. (Numbers are at side of each fuse)
Remove the fuse and fit it into the fuse adapter supplied. ESSENTIAL “Follow instructions supplied”
Fit the adapter with both fuses back into fuse holder number 52.
Where possible use a long thin tie wrap to hold it into place; I didn’t think it particularly good on its own.
For the earth wire I had to improvise.
To the right of the fuse box are the metal brackets holding up the assembly. I managed to drill a 3.2mm hole into the spare area around the 6mm fixing and used a self tapper to hold the spade connector on the earth wire.
I’ll assume you can figure out how to put things back and tidy up and hope all goes well
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Post by SteveC »

Many thanks for such a comprehensive reply! I must admit when it comes to electrics I tend to avoid getting too involved but I’ll definitely look again at this following your guidance. I’d be keen to know how you get on in terms of how it might impact your normal battery consumption.
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Post by soosthui »

I have recently purchased a 2023 ID.5 (New Zealand) and installed the Nextbase 622GW, Rear Window Camera with the Nextbase Hardwire kit. This was installed by one of the VW approved audio / camera installation companies. My camera activated ones I get in the car and drive.

I have enabled Parking mode on the camera but I'm not sure if this is working correctly or not. It looks like Fuse 52 has 2 settings where it can be on when ignition is on or too on all the time.

Look at this video:

or thread here - https://www.vwidtalk.com/threads/switch ... ized.1504/

When I move the fuse down my camera comes on and stays on. it shows charging (blue light) and activity (red light). Not sure if you have your power from Fuse 52 supplying continued power.

Hope this makes sense.
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Post by SteveC »

Thanks for both replies. I had been holding off doing anything yet as I’d heard about the new iQ camera and how it plugs into the OBD socket. I thought I could do the same for my 522 with an adaptor but Nextbase advised today it hs to be cigarette or hardwire. I suspect it’s down to a different power draw requirement for the iQ. I’m of to order the H/W kit now.

My other question was about any noticeable battery draw but I guess that depends on many other factors such as weather and driving style too.

Still, looking forward to having a go a the H/W and getting things back up and running.
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Post by SteveC »

I successfully fitted the hardwire kit using the 12v socket fuse and found a screw attached to the bodywork for the spade connector on the earth wire. I loosened it slightly pushed the connector through and tightened carefully. I saw another YT vid where an electrician had done that with the Nextbase Kit. Would appreciate any words of wisdom if that looks wrong but the camera powers up as expected. Next job is to reattach cameras to front and rear windscreens and tidy the cabling. Thanks again for advice.


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