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Hi all - owned my ID.5 for 10 months and its fair to say I have a love/hate relationship with it at times. One of those times centres around the lack of rear window wiper. This was something that I hadnt appreciated before buying as it just wasnt something I was aware of and although I test drove the vehicle this was in dry sunny conditions so had no need for wipers.

I know there are other EVs out there with similar missing rear wipers but I have to be honest and say that in the winter months or when the weather is lousy you just want a clear rear screen.

I read somewhere that the boffins at VW said that because of the ID.5 Coupe style it meant that water flowed off the rear windscreen more easily/efficiently than the ID.4 that does have a rear wiper.

I dont really buy this to be honest - rear windows often get dusty/dirty/wet and need a proper clean but this cant be done if, for example, you are on a long motorway stint before your next stop. I know my wife hates it too and, as we have installed a dash cam with rear facing camera, a clean window is important for that as well as general road safety.

Has anyone else experienced similar thoughts on this - I have considered approaching my local dealer to see how much it would cost or even if it was technically possible to get one fitted.

We have considered using windscreen water repellent solutions in the interim but its not always effective in every circumstance

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I share your thoughts on this @SteveC and like you, only realised it didn’t have one after I’d taken possession for the same reasons you did. I’ve been meaning to try the G-technic window treatment for months now but the weather is always so lousy when it’s my day off that I haven’t managed it yet. I’ll let you know if it helps….. (might be next summer at this rate!)
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