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Hi All

I have an ID5 GTX, absolutely love the car until recently..........had the car around 6 months but now had a squeaky break pedal, gone in twice now VW have suggested a break server issue, so on back order, squeaky wing mirror drivers side and noisy drivers window when operated up and down and to top it lost the screen twice now just blank, has anyone else had issues like this please?

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Hello everyone, new ID5 owner here!

Desperately hoping someone can help with some charging problems. It's our first electric car so we're a bit 'green' about it all. We have an Ohme Epod charger at home and on first night of ownership simply plugged the car into the charger and walked away, locking the car. Next morning, no charge. Last night, went into settings in the vehicle and set the charger location to 'Home' and possibly toggled another couple of things like switching from the slower charge to faster charge and, hey presto, the screen told me the car was charging and would be completed in 3.5 hours or something. I then locked the car and went inside thinking that was that, fully charged car in the morning.

Alas, no. No further charging. It's like as soon as I walked away it stopped charging. Can anyone help?
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Can anyone recommend an all in one rear floor mat that covers the whole rear of the car.

Many thanks
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