Spongy brakes

Faults and Technical chat for the Volkswagen ID.5
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Post by swingman »

I took delivery of new PRO six weeks ago. One of the many complaints about the car is that the brakes are spongy and take too long it bring the vehicle to desired speed. Also under ACC sometimes if the vehicle in front brakes the ACC struggle to reduce the speed and in some cases it displays "autonomous breaking failed" large red symbol and I was forced to apply the emergency breaking. I took the vehicle to the dealer for also other issues with the car. They kept it overnight and tells me they check their compute system and my car has no issues. I was not impressed as they didn't even do a test drive. It appear that the total milage under their guardianship was only 2 miles.

Any one else having similar issues with their breaking?

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Certainly am, worst brakes I have ever had on any vehicle. This issue along with so many other poor poor design faults by VW that I can’t wait to get rid of this ID5 and move onto another manufacturer!!
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